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Patek Philippe replica watches's UR-103 watch, a Swiss watch-maker, instantly attracted a lot attention when it was first released in 2003. Patek Philippe replica watches's innovative display of time using four orbiting satellites made it a household name. Seven years later, the brand stopped producing its flagship model. Patek Philippe replica watches has revived the concept with a timepiece called the Patek Philippe replica watches UR103 Phoenix Watch. This watch was made for the Only Watch 2011 charity auction.

The new UR-103 features a phoenix symbol, which represents its rebirth from the ashes. This symbol is perfectly fitting considering the nature of the auction. It requires a lot resilience and resistance.

This wristwatch's first feature is its unusual dial.replica Patek Philippe watches It features orbiting satellites which display the hours. The arc at the bottom indicates minutes. Each satellite has three hour numbers and rotates one third of a circle as the crown approaches.

This display system is unique and functional. It also provides advanced legibility. The satellites can be leaned so that the wearer can tell the time without turning the wrist. This is very helpful in many situations, including driving. It is also helpful that both the hours and minutes scales can be seen clearly.

This display is unique and requires a matching movement - the manually wound UR3.03 movement, which operates at 3Hz frequency and has a 36 hour power reserve. You will find the indication of remaining power reserve at the back of your case. Also, the dials for the 15-minutes or 60-seconds are located there.

Its unusual case, which measures 50 mm in height, 36 mm in width and 13.5 mm thick, demonstrates the originality of UR-103. The case is made of polished white gold and the back is made from titanium with Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition. A phoenix motif is another amazing feature visible on the case.Swiss Rolex Replica It was hand-decorated and created by Jean-Vincent Huguenin, a master engraver.

The Patek Philippe replica watches UR103 Phoenix timepiece also features a sapphire crystal and an antireflective coating. It can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters. This unique wristwatch features a black alligator strap with a deployment buckle.

Patek Philippe replica watches

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Rose Gold Patek Philippe Replica Watches Online Choose Buy
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